Bob Shuey co-founded Paladin Equity Partners as a private equity firm in 2014 with Peter Dauterman. To act as an Advisory on Mergers and Acquisitions, including Reverse Mergers. 
Bob spent twenty-two years in Corporate Finance with Investment Banking Firms, starting at Salomon Brothers in New York in 1979, then Rauscher Pierce in Dallas in 1985. In the decade from 1991 to 2000 Bob provided freelance Investment Banking to a group of small Brokerage firms including Stonegate Securities, R G Dickenson, Dillon Gage, Centex Securities, National Securities, Tejas Securities, Redstone Securities and Institutional Equity. Bob’s experience in sourcing, managing and syndicating micro-cap offerings makes him uniquely qualified to advise companies on the Reverse Merger process. 

During his career he served on the Board of Directors of fourteen different companies, on the Board of Directors of the Regional Investment Bankers Association “RIBA” now know as The National Investment Bankers Association and on the Board of Trustees of the Greenhill School.  

Bob is a graduate of Babson College, The Greenhill School and The Culver Military School’s Summer Naval Program. 
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Peter B. Dauterman, (68), has been a Member of Paladin Equity Partners LLC since June 2014 From March 2009 to present he has been Vice President of Business Development for Pegasus Funds LLC. He is the founder or co-founder of three companies: founder of Available Self Storage, Inc. and served as its President and CEO; co-founder, EVP Business Development for Internet Global Services, Inc. founder and CEO of Automated Pay Services. Mr. Dauterman is a graduate of Texas Christian University's Neely School of Business.

Peter Voldness, (61) is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of VTM Capital Management, Inc. Mr. Voldness was been the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Emergent Financial Group, Inc., an investment banking firm, since 1999. Prior to the founding of Emergent, Mr. Voldness was employed in various positions in the investment banking industry going back to 1980. He has structured and funded over 150 ventures and raised in excess of $200 million dollars for start- up and development stage companies in life sciences including genotyping, gene editing, regenerative medicine, logistics for clinical trial support and medical devices. His background is corporate finance, capital formation, both private and public finance, acquisitions, both capital structure and balance sheet restructuring and operations. Mr. Voldness additionally has 30 years of complex trading market experience. He has consulted with and advised over 250 companies in his career.